Bots are bad…Mmm’Kay?

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Did you hear Mr. Mackey’s voice from South Park? You’re welcome. Now to continue with the post…

OK, so bots are bad. Not these cuties, pictured on the left, but social media bots. WHAT ARE BOTS? Before we dig into the dark world of bots, let’s find out what they are. According to Bots are algorithms acting in social media networks. But to the outside world, they look like a real user. They can come in all shapes and sizes, and they are borderline perfect. Some of them are very simple. And there are loads of services that will offer you bots, ranging from bots who will like whatever you post and fake followers to much more.

What does this mean in layman terms? Fake followers you can buy for your social media account. But, they are not real! It’s not real followers. There’s no real engagement. They are not helping your business! They are not turning followers into clients. Plus, you could be missing key engagement from true followers.

Just because you have 5,000 followers means nothing if you are not getting engagement. Facebook’s algorithms won’t push your post into follower’s NewsFeed without that precious engagement. And most importantly, it violates Facebook’s strict policy against buying likes. This policy applies to Instagram, as well, because it is owned by Facebook.

It’s fairly simple to buy “followers” and “Likes” online. I did a simple search on a common hashtag on Instagram, #followforfollow and found this:

And the posts generally looked like this:

Simply put, this is spam, at it’s finest. You’ve worked so hard on your social media strategy, do you really want to sell yourself short? Keep it ORGANIC. Yes, it takes time and commitment to develop a strong following, but in the end it pays off!

Giving and sharing is what social media is about!

Now, go out there and share with the world!

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Why Consistency is Key

As an entrepreneur, I hustle hard. I am working this business like nobody’s business! Constantly trying to get my name out there. As a social media consultant and expert, obviously, I hustle super hard on my social media platforms. I’m obsessed with my posts. Creating the content that goes out, curating my platforms. Making sure I am following the theme that I have set. Checking my insights, engaging, etc. But, what happens when the social media maven gets distracted?



I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…I’m not perfect (shocking, I know!). I’m human.


On the other side of this company, I am a mother to 3 cherubs (well, sometimes), a wife to a kick-ass husband (sometimes, as well), a friend and a woman. Sometimes, life gets in the way and you lose focus.




In June, hubby and I took a little getaway to celebrate our anniversary. We had so much fun! When I got home, I found myself overwhelmed with other things…Kids, house, LIFE! And, for some reason, I lost my hustle mojo. From June 29 until July 12, I didn’t post anything on my Tracy Social Media social media accounts. Not Instagram, not Facebook, NOTHING.


How could I let this happen? Even writing this now, I’m pretty embarrassed. When I checked the insights on my platforms, I knew what they would say, but was still shocked. On Instagram, I LOST 53 FOLLOWERS. 53!!!! Those were potential clients! People who go through their account and unfollow those that are not posting and engaging. My website clicks went down, my profile clicks plummeted, it was a mess.

I was so disappointed in myself. The most important rule in social media is CONSISTENCY. It’s the very first thing I tell my clients. You want to market yourself? You want clients? Well, then, your social media has to be consistent. I make a living out of this message, for goodness sakes! And here I am, dropping the ball! What to do next?


I can:

A: Wallow in my sorrow of stupidity, curled on the couch, crying, while jamming Double Stuff’d Oreos (YUM!) in my mouth…

B: Pull myself out of my mojo fizz and get back to work…

Being a social media goddess (I have loads of descriptions of myself), I didn’t run to the couch, I left the Oreos at the store and reconnected myself to my business. I couldn’t let my shame cloud over my goals. Slip up? Fix it.

I started banging it out. Creating my graphics, engaging with others, WORKING. Since, July 12, when I found my mojo, I have gained 120 followers, engagement through the roof and stabilized what could have been a disaster.








If you learn nothing else from me, remember this…


When you don’t have a posting plan and commit to post regularly, you’re doing a half ass job. Commit to posting once a day. At least 5 days a week. Study your Insights. Figure out the best days and times to post. Know your audience. Engage with your audience. Posting once every week or every couple of days is not going to cut it. Social Media is one of the best marketing tools to have!

Take it from me…you can fix your mistakes. BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS. Start the change, now. Commit. You’ve got this!

Now, go out there and share with the world!

Speaking of sharing…did you enjoy today’s post? Feel free to share it with the world!

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This 2-Minute Facebook-Fix is a Game Changer for Your Business

Facebook groups. They are great for meeting new people who are like-minded with you. I’m a member of several different Facebook groups. Entrepreneurs, social media, even recipes! The great thing is that I can contribute and speak with people without adding 100’s of strangers to my personal account.

Let’s say you’re chatting with someone about their business. You’re not ready to hire them, quite yet, but you want to start following their business page. You click on their name, but when their personal profile comes up (which is most likely private), there’s no information about their business. You either, A: Google their name, hunt down their website and HOPE that their Facebook Business Page is linked to the website or B: Forget about it and move on (which is what most people would do!).

Don’t let this happen to you and potentially lose business! Is your Facebook Business Page visible to the public? This is an easy 2-minute fix!

PS No comments on the bunny profile pic! 🙂

First, go to your personal page and click “Edit Profile” on the right hand side:

The editor comes up with this cute little owl. Click on “Add a Workplace”

Click “Add a Workplace” again:

Fill out your information and MOST IMPORTANT…Make sure you make it public!!

While you’re in edit mode, take another minute to add your website to your public contact information:

Once you’ve added your website, make sure to make it public:

Click “Save Changes” and you are set! This is how your private personal profile will look to others:

This is how MY personal private Facebook profile looks to others that I am not “friends” with. You can see how my business page is highlighted, so when you hover over it, it is a clickable link:

If someone clicks on “About”, there’s the website you added to the contact info!

This is an EXTREMELY easy way to give your business information to the public. You’re able to keep your personal profile private, enjoy Facebook groups and let potential clients find your business profile and gain more followers! It’s so easy!

What are you waiting for? Start sharing your information and grab more followers!

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The 5 Social Media Do’s & Don’ts for Real Estate

 According to The National Association of Realtors, 92% of buyers use the Internet to look for a house. Social Media is crucial in the real estate world. Having a strong social media presence helps prospective clients find you and get to know you before even meeting. It’s not only important to have a strong presence in the social media world but the right presence. Creating and maintaining social media takes persistence and patience. Don’t get lost!



Social Media revolves around relationships and being social. Always keep your audience in the forefront of your of everything you do. Always respond to comments and join in on the conversation! No one wants to feel like they are talking to a wall! Keep up with those that engage. This shows that you are personable, knowledgeable and that you care about your audience, which is important for a realtor!

Be Consistent

Nothing turns potential clients off faster than a  dead or very ill social media profile. Consistency is key! Posting every few days or even worse, every few weeks, shows potential clients that you are not serious about your business! You can’t expect to gain followers if you don’t bother to keep your account consistently updated. You can’t expect potential clients to revisit your site and keep following you if you haven’t posted anything new in a month. Consistency is key!

Be a Person

Potential clients want to see who you are! Posting a picture of your kids at the zoo or the sunset from your amazing beach vacation, is not only visually appealing to the eye, but lets potential clients get a better sense of who you are. Which begins a relationship. Which leads to a phone call! Hello, new client! 

Have Variety

Posting listings over and over again is not only annoying, but shows you don’t care about your audience, just yourself and your business. You’re not making a relationship by doing that. Keep variety in your posting schedule. Post a mix of business, knowledge, inspiring words, beautiful graphics and a few personal photos to keep your account active and attractive. 

Share Your Knowledge

Part of marketing yourself is showing off your knowledge. Giving tips, tricks, advice and sharing your knowledge is the best way to show potential clients you know what you are talking about! You are an expert that they can rely on in this important decision. Make sure they know that! Don’t be afraid to write and post articles and blog posts about your neighborhood, the market, etc. People want to trust that you know your stuff!

Social Media can be daunting! But, it doesn’t have to be. Having a plan, engaging and being consistent  can do wonders for your real estate business! Building and sharing the relationship is key to a successful real estate business.

Speaking of sharing…did you enjoy today’s post? Feel free to share it with the world!


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The BIGGEST Social Media No-No

Consistency is key in social media. You want to make sure that your content is fresh and in front of your audience.

So, the best way to achieve that is to post at least 6 times a day…

No-No. Please don’t do that.

There’s sharing and then theres oversharing. Let’s talk about the 3 Biggest Social Media No-No’s…


First, let’s take a look at this handy-dandy graphic that shows how long content lasts:

As you can see, the length of time content lasts greatly differs depending on the social platform you are using. For the purpose of this post, I am going to focus on Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Posting multiple times a day.

Posting multiple times a day on Instagram and Facebook is not needed. And frankly, not wanted. Nobody wants to scroll through their feed and see 20 posts from you, clogging up their newsfeed. Posting 1-2 times a day, with strong content, is more than enough to make yourself known.

2. Sharing multiple graphics/images all at once.

PLEASE don’t do this! You want to spread your content out throughout the day to be seen more. Research the best times in the day to post. This goes more into researching your audience and insights. I’ll discuss that for a later post.

3. Repeatedly sharing the same image over and over again, every hour, on the hour.

STOP! Nothing will make your audience click the “Unfollow” button faster than seeing the same graphic non-stop. You want people to enjoy your feed, not groan at it.

Having a strong social media strategy with fresh and relevant content is the way to turn a follower into a client.  Everyone likes when people share, just remember to share responsibly.

Speaking of sharing…did you enjoy today’s post? Feel free to share it with the world!

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The Instagram Hack Everyone Needs

In the Social Media world, Sharing is Caring. When you find content you like, share it with your followers! That’s pretty easy for some platforms…Facebook, you click on the little “Share” button. Twitter, click on “retweet” and you’re good to go. Instagram, you…wait…

So, how do you re-share a post on Instagram, to not only add to your feed but give credit where credit is due? I used to screen shoot a post I liked, write down the original poster, go into Photos, edit, crop, go back to Instagram, set up the graphic, look and see who the original poster was, to give credit (thank goodness I wrote it down or would have totally forgotten after all these steps), and post. Whew! That was a lot!

Thankfully, I found an app that let’s me copy the posts URL and share it with my followers, while giving credit to the original poster. There are quite a few apps out there now, for this purpose, but I found Repost* to be the most reliable one out there. I’ve tried several others but those crashed quite a bit or there were extra steps needed.



I’m a stickler for good reviews and they have 5 stars


Repost allows you to scroll through your IG feed right on their app.

If I find a graphic that I want to share, I’m already there. Here’s an example of a gorgeous, fun graphic I wanted to share on my feed the other day by Junearbordesigns:

Truly, this is my mantra. Had to repost! I clicked on the 3 little dots to the right of the poster’s name and this popped up:

Click on “Copy Share URL”

“Copy to Instagram”

Choose where you want the tag at (note, if you do not want the tag, you have to upgrade to a paid account). When you hit the “Repost” button, it automatically copies the original text, formats the picture in Instagram. All you have to do is paste the text, add your own additional text or hashtags, if you wish and post like you normally would!


This has been an invaluable tool for me! Sharing is so important for engagement. When a post is shared, you receive notification and a little warm feeling in your belly. Plus, I guarantee the love will be shared one day for you.

*A note about screen shots* We’ve all been there…see a post graphic that we love, want to post it. Wellllll, I’ll just screen shot it, and post it as my own graphic…please don’t. Aside from the fact that it’s rude and tacky, you could possibly be breaking copyright laws.

Remember, always give credit where credit is due! Sharing is caring in Social Media world!

Speaking of sharing is caring…did you enjoy this post? Please feel free to share it with the world!

Until next time!


*This post is in no way affiliated with the Repost app or it’s affiliates. This is not a paid post. Just my honest consumer opinion.*

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Let’s Get It Started…

Did your mind immediately go to The Black Eyed Peas song from the post title? If not, I’m sure the song is stuck in your head now…sorry ’bout that.

Ok, folks, let’s get this started! You are reading the official first blog post of the newly rebranded, Tracy Social Media.  For three years, TSM has been a powerhouse in the social media management industry. Like a boss, TSM has built social media sites, created content and managed businesses social media. It’s been crazy, hectic and fabulous! However, the tides have changed and it’s time to start a new revolution…

Welcome to Tracy Social Media Consulting!

It’s time to stop keeping my secrets of social media success as a closely guarded secret. It’s time to start sharing my knowledge of the industry with you.

So, I’ve been busy rebranding the company. Can I just tell you, rebranding is hard work! New logo, new website, new blog…it almost feels like a new me!

What does this mean for you, my faithful reader? It means new content! Blogs to help you renew your social media. Tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years to turn you and your company into a social media boss! Branding and getting that ROI that your business is looking for! I hope I can help you in the process.

(Shameless plug coming…) To start, make sure to check that cute little box that says “Follow Tracy Social Media”. That way, you will be the first to know the newest information that comes out.

Second, make sure to follow Tracy Social Media’s social media! I’ll always be updating with the latest information pertinent to the industry.

See how the names are highlighted for you to simply click on the link? Yeah, there’s your first tip! Always make sure to highlight your social media pages and website.

I promise, starting today, to make you, my readers, priority #1. Delivering content you can use. Now, I’ll be honest…as much as I would like to post a new blog post every day…it ain’t happen! Second tip…know your limits. I know I can deliver a strong blog every week. Not more. Not less. However, I do promise to give great content to you, every week.

In the words of The Black Eyed Peas:

Let’s get it started! Let’s get it started in here! Step by step, like an infant new kid.
Inch by inch with the new solution.
Transmit hits, with no delusion.
The feeling’s irresistible and that’s how we movin’.

You ready?


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